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  • Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detector Monitor MP5-NC

Medpage MP5-NC Seizure movement detection monitor with pager alarm

Detects nocturnal Tonic/Clonic seizure movement
Seizure alarm notification via nurse call system connection and or optional radio pager
Built in microphone to detect patient vocalisations preceding or during a seizure
Under mattress high performance seizure movement detection sensor

The MP5-NC is primarily for use in respite and care homes specialising in epilepsy care. Detected seizures from a patient are reported via a cabled connection to an existing nurse call system. The MP5-NC can also be connected to Telecare monitoring systems. The seizure movement alarm is very easy to use and is suitable for general Tonic/Clonic seizure detection and can be used on most bed types. The Medpage MP5-NC, despite its advanced seizure movement analysis software and high-grade processing power, is carer friendly and requires no specialist installation or setup procedures.

How does the MP5-NC work?

A patented movement sensor is positioned under the patients bed mattress to detect nocturnal Tonic/Clonic seizure movement. During a seizure the sensor detects the resulting convulsive movements. The MP5-NC operating system identifies seizure movement then triggers an alarm notification.

Some people vocalise preceding or during a seizure. To aid reliable detection of minor convulsive seizures, a built-in microphone, frequency tuned to detect human sounds, continually monitors for sound. A gain (sound level) control allows the optimum sound detection level to be set, with the setting also digitally stored to prevent tamper. Detected sounds result in an alarm transmission to the carer pagers.

Who is the MP5 suitable for?

The MP5 is best suited for older children (minimum user body weight of 25kg) to adults
who experience nocturnal Tonic/Clonic seizures.

Key Features

  • Rapid detection of Tonic/Clonic seizures
  • Adjustable sensitivity to allow for patient body weight and bed mattress type
  • Adjustable movement delay alarm virtually eliminates false alarms
  • Digitally stored settings prevent tampering
  • Built in microphone to detect vocalisations preceding or during a seizure
  • Alarm notification output port for nurse call or external device connection
  • Optional radio paging alarm solutions

Technical Information MP5-NC Seizure Monitor
Power source: 12V AC/DC medical grade power adaptor
24-Hour battery backup
Dimensions: L: 150mm x W: 105mm x D: 45mm
Gross weight: 410g
Output connection: RJ11 socket
Status indicator LED: Power, sound detection, movement detection, active alarm
Adjustments: sensor sensitivity, variable alarm delay.
Switch off alarm notification
Output relay switching max 1 Amp. N/O & N/C contact options.
Technical Information MP5-NC Bed Sensor
Dimensions: L 75mm W 55mm D 25mm
Weight: 75g
Connection lead: 3 metres

Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detector Monitor MP5-NC

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