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  • Epilepsy seizure alarm Medpage MP5 ULTRA

Epilepsy seizure alarm Medpage MP5 ULTRA

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Specialist seizure movement detection monitor
Detects complex movement patterns from non typical convulsive seizures
Suitable for use with airflow beds without triggering a false alarm
For babies aged from 1 month, children and adults

The most advanced seizure movement monitor in the MP5 range. The ULTRA features specialist software programming that accurately detects nocturnal seizure movement from people of all ages who experience non-typical convulsive seizures while in bed. Suitable for complex epilepsy, specialist beds including airflow mattresses an incredibly high level of movement detection sensitivity and control.

The ULTRA is pre-programmed with specialist seizure movement detection modes which can be selected to suit the different type of seizure movement patterns that the user experiences. Myoclonic detection mode can be selected to detect broken periods of movement which can be useful for detecting small cluster seizures or groups of myoclonic movements. This mode will also detect if the user is at unrest for a period of time, which may indicate a seizure event or it's onset.

Features a start-up alarm delay function that allows the user to settle in bed before the monitor will begin detecting a seizure. Delay can be set to 20,40,60,80 or 100 minutes. Particularly useful for users who have learning difficulties or different forms of cerebral palsy which would cause the monitor to false alarm

Includes a built-in microphone, capable of detecting human sounds such as choking, screams or grunting.

What type of seizures is the MP5 ULTRA suitable for?

Tonic/clonic seizures seizure with twitching
Myoclonic cluster seizures
Secondarily generalised seizures
Generalised seizures
Tonic seizures
Clonic seizures

Key Features

  • Ideal for dual patient monitoring at home, hospital or care home to identify active seizure
  • Specialist customisation available
  • Airflow mattress mode
  • Cot/crib high gain rapid mode digital sensitivity control
  • Suitable for all ages babies - adults
  • Large area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved movement detection from most bed and seizure types where movement occurs
  • Suitable for Cots/Cribs with memory foam mattresses, single & double beds
  • Digital sensitivity control for bed sensor and vocalization microphone
  • Digital alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over
  • Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 24 hour battery backup
  • Tamper proof settings, monitored connections, fault reporting to pagers
  • No maintenance or servicing required
  • 3 Year warranty

CE marked in accordance with Medical Directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC.

Technical Information MP5 ULTRA Monitor
Power source: 12V AC/DC medical grade power adapter
Dimensions: L: 150mm x W: 105mm x D: 45mm
Weight: 410g
Output connection: Optional nurse call and Telecare
Status indicator LED: Power, sound detection, movement detection, active alarm
Technical Information ULTRA Bed Sensor
Dimensions: L: 300mm x W: 200mm x D: 10mm
Weight: 623g
Connection lead: 3 metres
Technical Information MPPL Pager
Dimensions: L: 80mm x H: 55mm x W: 22mm
Weight: 120g
Power source: 2 x AA batteries
Transmission range: 100 metres
Status indicator LED: Low battery, active alarm
Alert options: Vibrate only, vibrate and low tone or vibrate and high tone
Two pagers supplied

Epilepsy seizure alarm Medpage MP5 ULTRA

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