Medpage Ltd
  • Door contact for use with MPPL-TXU

CT-DC Cable connected door contact alarm switch

Reverse polarity proximity switch with connection cable producing closing contact on alarm
Use with Easylink-Medpage alarm devices to produce alarm signals for openings doors/windows

Magnetic door contact switch for use with MPPL universal transmitter, CTM-3 voice alarm, external proximity switch for NMDTX universal transmitter and general security applications requiring a N/O configured switch

Technical Information
1M connector lead terminated with 2,5mm jack plug
N/O configured switch (open to close contact)

Suggested Transmitters

CTM-3 Recordable voice alarm transmitter
NMDTX Long range multi-function transmitter
NMDTXM 100-200M range multi-function transmitter
CTMV Recordable voice alarm receiver
MPP-TXU Universal transmitter

Door contact for use with MPPL-TXU

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