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  • Totally Cordless Bed/Chair Monitoring Alarm

Totally Cordless Bed/Chair Monitoring Alarm CBM-03

Receives signals from Rondish cordless bed and chair sensor pads
Integral tone alarm with volume adjustment
Relay output via 6.3mm jack socket for nurse call connection
Simultaneously monitors bed and chair pads reducing cost

The CBM-03 establishes a wire-free link between bed and chair sensor pad transmitters. The CBM-03 can be positioned outside a patients room up to 50M away from the sensor pad and can be directly connected into a nurse call system. Sensor pads and transmitter status is monitored by the CBM-03 with fault reporting indication via tone and or coloured LED's.

Items supplied: 1 x CBM-03 sensor monitor transmitter, 1 x protective rubber case all required batteries

Key Features

  • For use with Rondish cordless sensors: Chair CCP-01 Bed CBP-01
  • Single user bed or chair occupancy alarm (see sensor options)
  • Works with 2 pads simultaneously (bed/chair pads or floor mat)
  • Low battery alert for sensor transmitter and CBM-03 monitor alarm
  • Reset button on monitor
  • Sensor damaged/unplugged alarm
  • Monitor supplied with a soft plastic protective casing with an adjustable hanging strap
  • Choice of 3 alarm tones with volume setting
  • Polling (radio supervision) from bed sensor transmitter (when used with CMD-11 or CMU-02)
  • Tamper proof secure reset

Technical Information
Power source: battery (3 X AA) or optional mains power adaptor
6.3mm () nurse call connection output socket
Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz @ 10mW
Operating range: 30-70 Metres (open field) from sensor transmitter
Housing: 110mm x 77mm x 28mm
RED certified

Totally Cordless Bed/Chair Monitoring Alarm

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