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  • FALL-SYS01 Home fall detection pendant with bed leaving monitor and carer notification alarm

FALL-SYS01 Home fall detection pendant with bed leaving monitor and carer notification alarm

Home fall detection and wander prevention kit
Wrist worn fall detecting pendant with touch-sensor SOS button
Includes bed leaving alarm pressure sensor with alarm transmitter
Includes carer radio controlled alarm receiver

The sensor controller (CTM-3) will detect the person rising from their bed and signal the alarm receiver, either in the same room or wirelessly to any other room in the house. The CTM-3 is a versatile sensor controller with selectable options for bed occupancy detection or stand-on floor pressure mat alarm. The alarm notification can be selected for instant or after a 15-minute delay (allowing for W/C visits).

The included fall detection bracelet provides daytime alerts to falls using gravity sensors. If the person falls to the floor or out of a chair an alarm signal is transmitted to the alarm call station. The bracelet also features a touch-sensor SOS call button (not waterproof), which makes it easy for people with disability or poor dexterity to signal for help.

The alarm call station has 5 alarm channels, each represented by different coloured flashing ultra-bright LEDs. In addition to items supplied in this kit additional sensors can be added including; PIR movement sensors, door contact alarm transmitters or photoelectric beam sets. To aid deaf people an optional plug-in vibrating pillow shaker is available for night time alarm alerts.

Items included: 1 x CT-3 bed sensor, 1 x FA-6 fall alarm, 1 x CTM-3 alarm transmitter, 1 x NMDRX alarm receiver, all required batteries.

Key Features

  • Fall detecting SOS call wristband
  • Bed leaving detection
  • Wireless alarm notification to carer alarm responder
  • Completely wireless home care fall and wander detection system
  • All items battery operated
  • Wireless alarm signals transmitted to carer portable alarm station
  • Quick and easy to install, already factory configured no setting up
  • Affordable care solution for seniors and vulnerable people

Technical Features – Carer Alarm
Selectable LED colours to identify transmitter device
Multiple active alarm indication - selected transmitter colours flash alternately until alarms are cancelled
Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
Dimensions: H 80mm W 68mm D 38mm
Optional mains AC power adaptor
Compatible with all Easylink/Medpage transmitters
Quick and easy to set up and use
3-level alarm tone volume switch (up to 96dB)
Latched or timed alarm duration (continuous or 30 seconds)
Power/signal/battery status LED
Output for vibrating pad to aid deaf people
Technical Features Alarm CTM-3 Transmitter
Power: 3 x AAA batteries
Transmitting range 100m
Nurse call relay output
15 minute alarm delay option
Voice recorder (15 sec)
Alarm options: voice/silent/beeper/pager
Supplied with wall/bed holder
Low battery warning
Alarm reset button
DIMS: H 125mm W 75mm D 25mm
Technical features Fall Alarm Pendant
Wireless fall alarm sensor
Dual inertia sensors with gravity correction software for accurate fall detection
Touch sensor SOS call button
Powered by 3V replaceable lithium battery with average battery life 9-12 months
Wear on wristband or pendant (supplied)
Dims: 45mm x 35mm x 18mm
Gross weight 31g
Wireless range up to 100m (open field)
Tamper-proof on/off switch

FALL-SYS01 Home fall detection pendant with bed leaving monitor and carer notification alarm

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