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  • MP2-V3K Irregular movement monitor for care homes

MP2-V3K Irregular Movement Monitor

Reliably detects irregular movement patterns
Alerts sent to wireless pager (included)
Large area sensor for improved movement detection and sensitivity
Suitable for babies through to adults

Product components

Alarm monitor
Large area sensor ( Higher sensitivity for children or mild movements )
PAG-11 Pager

The Medpage MP2-V3K is an advanced movement sensing alarm, specifically designed to detect irregular movements of a person whilst in bed. A cluster of muscular spasms, for example, will trigger an alarm from the movement monitor. Twitching movements or prolonged convulsive movements can be detected to trigger an alarm. The MP2-V3K also features a microphone to raise alert to various sounds such as a baby / child crying or vocalisations during convulsive movements.

The MP2-V3K comprises of an alarm monitor, a bed sensor and a wireless alarm pager. The sensor is placed underneath the bed mattress and connected to the alarm monitor. The monitor continuously analyses the detected body movements and differentiates between normal sleeping activity and irregular movement. The digital alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over. Continuous irregular movement triggers an alarm to the supplied pager. When an irregular movement pattern is detected, the alarm monitor will send a wireless signal to the alarm pager. The pager alert consists of vibration and beeping, with selectable volume control.

The MP2-V3K is very easy to set up, in fact for most people there will be no adjustments to make so it is instantly ready to begin its job right out of the box. If required, changing the sound / movement detection capabilities is very easy as the MP2-V3K has digitally controlled adjustments for the sensor/mic sensitivity and a delayed alarm feature.

Types of detectable irregular movements:

Type of movement MP2-V3K Suitability
Convulsive / Restlestness The movements must last longer than 5 seconds and occur continuously, without long pauses between groups of movements.
Epileptic Seizure Movement The MP2-V3K can detect repeated convulsive movements lasting longer than 5 seconds

Types of detectable sounds:

Baby / Child crying
Coughing / Grunting
Loud vocalisations

Key Features

  • PAG-11 Pager enables monitoring of multiple monitors
  • Large area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved movement detection
  • Suitable for Cots/Cribs with memory foam mattresses, single & double beds
  • Digital sensitivity control to suit the body weight of the user
  • Digital alarm delay control to virtually eliminate false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over
  • Includes an inbuilt sound sensor frequency tuned to continuously monitor for human sounds.
  • Can detect aural sounds such as choking, screams or grunting
  • Alert sent to wireless pager
  • Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 12 hour battery backup
  • Tamper proof settings
  • 2 Year warranty


The MP2-V3K does not monitor physiological processes of the body, it is designed to raise an alert when irregular body movements occur, this raises awareness for further independent evaluation.

Technical Information MP2-V3 Monitor
Power source: 12V AC/DC medical grade power adaptor
Dimensions: L: 150mm x W: 105mm x D: 45mm
Weight: 410g
Output connection: Nurse call and Telecare equipment
Status indicator LED: Power/power fail/low backup battery
Movement detection confirmation LED
Digital bed sensor sensitivity adjustment
Digital microphone sensitivity adjustment
Digital bed movement alarm delay control
Radio address code selectable
Technical Features PAG-11 Pager
Powered by 2 x AA batteries
Dimensions W 55mm H 75mm D 25mm
Strong belt clip
Low battery warning
Alarm volume control
Alarm display, volume control, stored alarm review button
Multi-User alarm identification display allows up to 99 devices to signal pager
MP2-V3 Bed Sensor
Sensor dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 10mm
Interconnecting lead 3M

MP2-V3K Irregular movement monitor for care homes

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