Epilepsy Alarms

Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detection Alarms - Guardian Angels Since 1995

For over two decades Medpage Limited have designed and manufactured epileptic seizure movement detection products. Our first monitor was produced in 1995, the Medpage MP5, and has remained the top selling seizure alarm since its introduction. Our seizure movement detection alarms are affordable, reliable, and are proven to consistently and accurately detect nocturnal bed seizures.

The Medpage range of epilepsy alarms use a highly developed sensor positioned under the bed mattress to detect movements from a person in bed. Advanced computer processing software identifies body movement associated with an epileptic seizure, even complex seizure types. Non-typical sleeping movements are ignored. Carers are warned of on-going seizures by radio paging alarms.

Medpage epilepsy movement detection alarms are manufactured under strict quality controlled procedures, audited by BSI. Medpage Limited is accredited to ISO 13485:2003/7, first registered in 2004.