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  • Pivotell® Automatic Pill Dispenser Mark 3.11

Pivotell® Automatic Pill Dispensers have been widely used throughout the UK since 2002. The Mark 3/11 dispenser, with its enhanced functionality and proven reliability is the preferred choice among professional care agencies within the NHS and Local Authority Social Services and has been continuously developed since it was first designed and patented in 1997. Registered with the MHRA as Medical Device: Class 1.


Features Include:


Daily Alarm Times - 1-28 Accommodates the most complicated of medication regimes Compartments - 29 For easy pharmacy filling one compartment is left empty Two or more compartments can be programmed to alarm at the same time For those with many or large pills Start delay function Delays activation to allow pharmacists or family members to easily fill in advance away from the user's home. A Pharmacy label carrier and label case is supplied To comply with Royal Pharmacy Society of Great Britain labelling requirements The medication tray rotation is disabled If the dispenser is left upside down, to avoid pill spillage. The alarm will still sound at a dosage time. Alarm can sound for 1 hour.


• Self adjusting for GMT/BST

• Upside-down warning

• Review actual 'dose taken' time

• Low battery warning

• 4 alarm sounds

• CE marked, RoHS compliant

• Made in Sweden

Pivotell® Automatic Pill Dispenser Mark 3.11

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