Location & Personal Trackers

 GPS satellite navigation is widely used these days. Most cars have a “SAT NAV” and people are familiar using maps on their Smartphone. This technology is available in portable “Trackers”, which can provide location details via a Smartphone paired with the device using a dedicated APP. Portable trackers can provide a safety net for children, the elderly, people living with dementia or other medical conditions that may cause a person to be confused with their location. A tracker enables a parent or carer to quickly locate a person who may have wondered away from safety. Medpage offer a selection of location trackers, including simple to use mobile tracker phones.


Medpage Limited in association with Buddi, are delighted to offer our customers a privileged discount when purchasing a Buddi personal care system.


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Location Products Personal Trackers

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK offer a comprehensive range of personal GPS location trackers. We have thoroughly tested our range of trackers for accuracy, ease of use and set up and running costs. Our trackers have no monthly subscription or monitoring costs and can be used with a pay n go or contract mobile network SIM card. Our new own brand MedPage Micro tracker offers outstanding features and performance at a very affordable price.