Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Medpage Limited is the official UK distributor for Rondish Wireless Nurse Call Systems. The Protektor system is incredibly flexible, expandable and reliable and is suitable for any size Care Home or Hospital. Call Points, Wireless Pull Cord Alarms, Bed head Call Points, Mobile Call Buttons, Fall Prevention Products are easily added to a system. The Protektor has alarm options, caller display, data logging and radio paging options to suit the needs of all care establishments.


protektor Medpage Limited is a BSI accredited company to ISO 13485:2003/7 for the manufacture of medical devices. When you need the assurance of doing business with a quality monitored company, you can be confident, Medpage will deliver a quality product backed up with a quality service.

Rondish, the manufacturer, are also accredited to ISO 13485:2003/7 and have over 20 years experience manufacturing superior quality wireless Nurse Call and Security products.


Wireless nurse call systems provide more flexibility for expansion over wired systems, and cause less disruption to care routines and residents during installation. Installation costs are considerably less than wired systems with simplified fault finding and cure.

The Rondish Protector system provides a complete resident care solution beyond call pendants. Door egress, falls prevention alarms, and wander detection alarms are all easily added to the system, with comprehensive incident location and incident/call logging. Care staff are alerted by data radio pager (wherever they are) with a detailed reason for the alert and call type (bed alarm, WC, fall sensor, door alarm, crash team, etc.).

Below, you will see the various components that can be included with the Rondish Protektor Wireless Nurse Call System. Choosing a nurse call system is a complex process with many things to consider: Functionality, Capital Investment, Installation disruption to care services, Buy, Lease, Rent etc. We can provide you with an accurate quotation and suggested installation/implementation strategy. Call our sales office on +44 (0) 1536 264 869 for further information and advice.