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  • Sound detector transmitter

MPPL-SAT Medpage sound triggered alarm transmitter

Useful for deaf people at home and away from home
Pocket sized device generates an alarm transmission to preferred alarm receiver upon sound detection
Quick and easy set up ready to use out of the box
Detects babies crying, doorbells, fire alarms, dogs barking, security alarms etc.

The MPPL-SAT is a sound activated transmitter with many uses. An integral transmitter sends signals to an Easylink-Medpage alarm receiver in response to detected sounds. The level of sound required to generate an alarm is governed by a 3-way sensitivity switch. An additional control inside the battery compartment enables selection of frequency recognising modes to suit particular applications, detecting a baby crying or a person making a sound as a help call or a dog barking (useful for deaf people). The device is completely portable allowing it to be at home or away from home.

Compatible with:

NMDRX 5-channel alarm receiver
MPPL Tone/Vibration alert pager
CTMV Recordable voice alarm receiver (3-Channel)

Technical Features
Powered by 2 x AA batteries
Low battery led & transmission
3-way sensitivity switch Low, Med, High
Sound frequency selection
Long battery life 3 -6 months
Radio transmitter frequency 433.92MHz
Operating range 120 Metres (open field)
Dimensions: 80mm x 55mm x 22mm

Sound detector transmitter

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